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Twenty Five Live (2007) 5:33
Brzezicki, Butler, Watson: In Our Name (2008) 5:12, 7:28, 8:44
Released 10 September 2007 on the Big Country MySpace page (5:22)
12” Mix released on the Big Country MySpace page (7:32)
The Pete Brown 12” Mix released 17 November 2008 on the Brzezicki, Butler, Watson MySpace page (8:44)
A version of this track titled ‘Lift Me Up Mix 3’ was played at Bruce Watson’s MySpace page
beginning 28 November 2008 (5:46)
Performed by Big Country live in 2007 during their 25th Anniversary celebration tour
Promo video available as a download from the Apple iTunes Store (2008) 4:58
Music & Lyrics Tony Butler
Originally titled “The Highest Mountain”