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Beautiful People (1991) 4:29
Restless Natives & Rarities (1998) 4:30
Singles Collection Vol. 3 (’88 - ’93) (Beautiful People) (2003) 4:29
Rarities V (2003) 4:25 (titled ”Return of the Two Headed King”)
No Place Like Home (Re-Presents) (2014) 4:29
Wonderland - The Essential Big Country (2017) 4:27 (titled ”Return of the Two Headed King”)
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
Was written during the “NPLH” demo period with Pat drumming. I think the best song out of this bunch was ”You, Me And The Truth” which went on the record. This, another ’almost’ song, which Mercury actually cut slow on the record (Nice job guys). It’s about two-faced leaders.— Stuart Adamson, Restless Natives & Rarities liner notes