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Peace In Our Time (CD & 12” singles) (1989) 6:40
In A Big Country (1995) 6:38
Peace In Our Time (remaster) (1996) 6:38
The Crossing + Peace In Our Time (UK remasters) (2CD box) (1997) 6:38
Restless Natives & Rarities (1998) 6:36
Singles Collection Vol. 3 (’88 - ’93) (Peace In Our Time) (2003) 6:36
No Place Like Home + Peace In Our Time (2003) 6:40
Peace In Our Time (Re-Presents) (2014) 6:38
Lyrics & Music: Stuart Adamson
This track was recorded at Windmill Lane, Dublin during a European tour circa 1985. Originally for a film by the same name, but I seem to remember we were not comfortable with the film’s subject matter. The chorus, melody and chorus were later to be incorporated into Thirteen Valleys
—Stuart Adamson, Restless Natives & Rarities liner notes