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Intro      G    D    C    D    G    D    C    Am   3 times
(I'm not sure about the Am) 

G                       C       G
Daystar tends her pretty flowers
G     D            G
High above the streets
C                G      D            G
Generations pass below her feet

G                   C         G
This one is her father's eyes
G         D           G
This her mother's lips
C                        G       D        G
Here and there a stolen lover's kiss

C                         G          G         D      Em
From her third floor window  shining silently
C                    G       D        G
Daystar in your light I am set free
       G         D          Em     C
And here below your gentle rays
G         D         G
I find a naked  me .

Break :   same as the intro

Same thing for 2nd verse as the 1st
She let down her hair.....