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16 September 1991

LP, CD & Cassette




These tracks were not included on the vinyl edition of the album.
“When I first became aware of the Melody Maker review for this album, I remember feeling deeply hurt by it,but I now kind of understand why. This is an album of high quality songs (in places) mis-represented through the recording and production.

I fully realise why we re-recorded We're Not In Kansas for the Buffalo Skinners, this version is lame.

Republican Party Reptile is a fantastic song that should have sounded bigger and bolder.

Dynamite Lady is a song I always loved. It was another example of the band being imaginative and trying new things, pushing back the boundary. Conceptually a great story/lyric.

I didn't get off on Keep On Dreaming, this track suffered from a malaise inherent throughout the album, guitars sounding thin and not prominent enough in the mix, coming think about it Stuarts vocals are generally pretty low in most songs.

Beautiful People is a great tune and superb lyric but for me the mix lets it down.

The Hostage Speaks. This is so frustrating, this piece should be massive and atmospheric, the lyrics cry out for a panoramic soundscape.

Beat The Devil, this track doesn't sound to bad, at least the guitars are loud. I like Stuarts vocal here as well.

Leap Of Faith is one of my favourite songs on this album but it just doesn't kick arse.
You, Me and the Truth is a pretty song but not very BC. Maybe one that could have gone on a SA solo album.

Comes A Time surprised me. It sounds like the band trying to be a band, but should have sounded louder and rawer.

This version of Ships in simply beautiful.

Into The Fire.......I wish Steve Lilywhite had produced this track.

As a re-visit, I am slightly miffed at how thin and weak sounding some of this album is, but whilst listening to it, it reminded me of the god awful atmosphere that surrounded this entire project.
Overall, I think this is a good collection of songs but the recording and production did not do it justice. ...

"when you hear the pruduction on save me and heart of the world you have to wonder why they did not go for tim palmer for nplh.over to you tony."

Steve, you raise an interesting point. Tim Palmer was not in the frame at the time of NPLH. When we did Save Me and Heart of the World, Tim was still cutting his teeth, Chris Sheldon the engineer was a really happening guy and we loved him (hence BS). Tim now gets a big up from me because of the work he has done with HIM, especially his remixes on And Love Said No. I think that is FAB. I did like Pat Moran but I don't think it worked for NPLH. ...

I have tried to review the albums for what they were on there released state. I will obviously agree with you about R5 as it was how we originally conceived the songs and how I mastered them to sound the way I feel we would have wanted to. I am not going to discuss the overidding situation as it was our turmoil , not yours. Anyway, it may end up in IG's book, I have no such intention.” (Tony Butler 12 November 2006, BC Forum)