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15 July 1983

LP, CD & Cassette

Red Cover LP
(15 July 1983)

Green Cover LP
(March 1984)


Note that on the US and Canadian vinyl and cassette releases, 1000 Stars and Fields of Fire are reversed in the track list.
These tracks are included at the end of the respective sides in the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain cassette editions:
Side A
Angle Park
Fields of Fire (12” Mix)

Side B
Heart and Soul
In A Big Country (12” Mix)
The Australian edition of the blue covered Vinyl LP (Mercury BIGA1) includes a bonus record (BETA1) with the 12” Mixes of Fields of Fire and In A Big Country  on either side.
¥  Japanese releases have the album title written as インナ・ビッグ・カントリー which is Japanese for ‘In A Big Country’, but as ‘The Crossing’ when written in English.
Bruce Watson: Guitars, E-Bow, Vocals
Stuart Adamson: Vocals, Guitars, E-bow, Piano
Tony Butler: Bass Guitars, Vocals
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Vocals by Christine Beveridge