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Stuart Adamson - Vocals, Guitars, E-bow, Slide Guitar, B-bender Guitar

Bruce Watson - Guitars, Mandolin, E-bow

Tony Butler - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Mark Brzezicki - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals

All Tracks Copyright Control
Produced by Big Country & Chris Sheldon.
Mixed & Engineered by Chris Sheldon.
Recorded at RAK Studios, London.
Mixed at Metropolis, London.
Assistants - Graham Stewart, RAK. Matt Howe, Metropolis.
Mastered by - George Marino, Sterling Sound, New York.
Additional Musicians -
Josh Philips - Keyboards
James McNally - Low Whistle, Appearing Courtesy of the Pogues
Demoed at Audiocraft, Dunfermline,
Riverside, East Kilbride,
Chapel Studios, Lincs,
House in the Woods, Surrey
Management-ian Grant Management
Equipment - Fluff
Special Thanks To, Chris Briggs, John Giddings and All at Solo/itg, David Gentle, Lester Dales, Shailesh
Gor, Giz and Marjike Vandekleut, Simon Milton, Shorty & Duncan
ESP Guitars, Simon at Rocky Road, R.V. Guitars, Sound Control Dunfermline, Rotosound Strings, Selectron
Uk, George Fredericks, Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Afro Percussion, Akg Microphones, Remo, Drum
Workshop, David White Pickups, Peter Goalby and Glyn Meek at Blade Eggte Guitars, Dave Grant Guitars,
Dave Wright at Hohner, Dean Markley Strings.
For Big Country Information Write Enclosing a SAE To:
Jan & Andrew Bremner, Country Club, PO Box 59, Ashwell, Herts. SG7 5NG
Or Call 0891 600 031 (Calls Charged at 39p per Minute Cheap Rate & 49p per Minute at All Other Times)

WARNING: Copyright subsists in all recordings issued under this label. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying, or re-recording thereof in any manner whatsoever will constitute an infringement of such copyright in the United Kingdom, licenses for the use of recordings forthe use of recordings for public performance may be obtained from Phonographic Performance Ltd. Ganton House, 14-22 Ganton Street, London W1V JLB.

Ⓟ 1995 Castle Copyrights Ltd © 1995 Castle Communications
[US release [© & Ⓟ 1995 Pure Records, Ltd © All songs Copyright Control. All Rights Reserved]]

[2000 UK release: [Ⓟ 1995 Castle Copyrights Ltd © 2000 Castle Music Ltd . Esseential is a division of Castle Music Ltd]]


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As promised. This got the ipod treatment yesterday. I was genuinely knocked out by the power of this album. It was a real pleasure listening to this again. I think this was the closest to a rock band I wanted the band to sound.
Alone is a great opener but I think it could have been mixed better (a problem I remember having with the guy who mixed it).
Seven Waves is a class pop tune with amazing guitar melodies and a fantastic chorus.
What Are You Working is just stunning.
The One I Love should have been a massive single hit.
Long Way Home is simply brilliant, awesome in power, music and lyric.
This may sound a little biased but Selling Of America is the stuff of genius. It is dramatic, anthemic, powerful, guitar lick mungus, pure theatre.
Kansas is a better version of the classic track.
Ships really stopped me in my tracks. It is a beautiful song, brilliantly crafted with unbelievable piano.
I completely forgot about All Go Together, there are some brilliant guitar bits from both axemen here.
Winding Wind took me by surprise as well, I really got into it about half way through but it sounded like loads of ideas welded together.
Pink Marshmallow Moon is an audio delight. It sounded so delicious in the headphones, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant (apart from the bass being a bit low in the mix).
Finally Chester’s Farm, epic finale. Let you into a little secret, this was Stuarts least favourite track, not because he didn't like the song but because it was going a little to epic rock for his liking.
The title track did not go on this album, not because it was not liked, on the contrary, more because this album turned into a rock album, and we were all digging it, Buffalo Skinners was a little soft and country.

[Changing the name of the album since the song was not on it?] The imagery of the title was too cool not to keep. I didn't matter the song wasn't on it. Same could be said about The Crossing. I also remember going to Paignton Zoo were the had 2 Buffalo , which blew me away. Buffalo are big, and so were we.

[Putting re-recordings of Ships and Kansas on. Perhaps not enough good material for a record?] We always had loads of material be tended to edit ourselves quite severely. The 2 tracks that were re-recorded were done because we felt that the original recordings did not do the songs justice, they were recorded during a particularly stressful time.” (Tony Butler 3 November 2006, BC Forum)